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Benefits of Ofabee

Designed for Ease of Use

Built with simplicity of use in mind, learning more hassle free.
Ofabee helps you to create & deliver courses within an hour.
Easily Integrate various type of contents such as videos, presentations, PDFs etc. to make learning more interesting.

Interactive & Engaging

Ofabee provides highly interactive and engaging platform, a feature no other providers offer.
Make classes interactive with inbuilt live features & virtual classrooms.
Tailor made engaging video delivery to improve learner’s involvement with tracking facilities.

Effective & Cost-Efficient

Automate and encourage course completion thereby reducing the time people spend away from their jobs.
Save thousands on cost associated with infrastructure, travel, training materials and other training related resources thereby save your training budget.

One-Stop Solution

Ofabee is an one-stop solution for all your training needs. Forget about third party solutions for conducting live classes &webinars.
We bring you a fully integrated training platform with all must have and more features to render powerful training.

Result oriented Interactive and Engaging SaaS based LMS. Ofabee suites all industry verticals of any size
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Our Clients

Clients Testimonials

Ofabee brings my teaching and business opportunities to a new dimension. It helps me to reach new set of students without any geographical limits and infrastructure investments. I highly recommend Ofabee for coaching and training institutes for the new age teaching model.
Santosh Director & Founder @ Win Center
I really appreciate the effort and dedication of the team of Ofabee to provide and implement the online video course features in our website in a very short period of time. I thank the entire team to implement the quality solution as per my requirements.
Ajeet Dubey CEO @ MahtIIT Learning

Features of Ofabee

Engaging Video Delivery

Say bye to tedious training sessions.
Make learning more engaging with the exceptional features which no other providers can offer.

Inbuilt Live Interactive Classes

Seamless delivery of live sessions with recording quality on demand content delivery.
Ofabee is having inbuilt live streaming and webinar facilities which reduce the burden of integration with third party solutions.

Sell Courses Online

Ofabee delivers an exceptionally advanced, yet remarkably easy to use e-commerce system, built-in.
Create engaging & interactive course contents sell it and generate revenue.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor all the learning activity which happens on your platform.
Detailed reports help in tracking learners’ performance and make it easy to identify if training is overdue or out of date.

Social Learning

Social learning is a game changer in training industry.
Ofabee is enriched with modern social learning tools that maximize engagement in an online learning environment.
Trainees and learners can participate in real time chats, discussions and forums.

Secure & Scalable

Ofabee is a cloud based platform which helps to store contents and user data in highly secured form, whether your organisation is of small, medium or big size.

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