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A couple of months have already gone by and the year 2015 is likely to be extremely fruitful for the E-learning business. Simply, E-learning is growing; both in the academic and commercial terms that you can rightly say it is now a mainstream media. The research company Global Industry Analysts estimate that the market value for online learning and training will reach a colossal $107 Billion in 2015. Keeping that in mind, let us examine what the year has in store for us, and the new trends that are going to come up.

Here’s a peek into future to check out the learning trends of 2015.

Mobile Learning

This is definitely in the list of E-learning trends. The huge rise in Smartphone usage promises a new kind of E-learning that is applicable to all. And why not? About 80% of Smartphone users do not leave their phones at home when they go out. Experts from the 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market Report predict that mobile online training platform will continue to rise at an annual growth (Compound Annual Growth) of 18.2% till at least until 2017. Observing this incredible level of mobile phone usage would make one thing clear – M-learning or mobile training and learning is a kind of online training platform that is here to stay forever. Hence, they have already deeply penetrated every strata of society, even in the developing countries.

Video is here to stay forever

It wouldn’t be surprising if 67% of Smartphone users watch online videos regularly. So you can just imagine the reach video has in terms of E-learning. Through video-based instructions, students can reduce reading time, enjoy better knowledge retention and have an enjoyable learning experience. Video takes the boredom out of reading, which means the participants would be interested for longer periods.

Big Data

Ever since Big Data surreptitiously made an entry into marketing and other job sectors, it has found its way to the E-learning sector as well. Learning and development professionals and managers have to consistently keep the stakeholders happy and informed. Through Big Data, it is now possible to analyze the ROI for the courses related to learning and development. By infusing Big Data into E-learning strategies, the administrators of the courses can do a variety of activities like providing motivation to the students, personalizing learning content and evaluating the effectiveness of teaching through big data.

Tin Can API

Following the huge acceptance of Tin Can API, you can expect the learning record store to be fully active this year too. This online training technology is the perfect app for tracking the progress of the student’s right from traditional and formal learning to social and informal learning.


Though gamification is not entirely a new concept, it is now going to hit the corporate stream in full swing and the effects are going to be fully utilized to provide a unique game like learning experience. Gaming elements like scoreboards and badges are likely to motivate the students and increase their competitive spirit. According to the studies conducted by DPG (Developing People Globally), 80% of the learners enjoy their lessons if there are game like elements in them. So this E-learning trend is here to stay.

In-house content authoring

Thanks to the proliferation of technical features in the wide variety of authoring tools available in the market, L&D practitioners can now author their own E-learning content. With Articulate Storyline 2, the growing potential of authoring tools herald cost-savings as well. If you are wondering about authoring tools – these are software applicants that would help you create the content for E-learning programs.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With augmented reality, E-learning is expected to undergo a technological revolution. Learning process is going to be more interactive, entertaining and engaging like never before. Infuse the learners surroundings with videos and virtual images and create a new style of E-learning that makes it fun-filled and long lasting. Thanks to Oculuc Rift, a hugely popular and widely adoptable AR device, and similar other devices, the AR impact are going to continue.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

LMS is going to be one of the biggest trends of online training and learning in 2015. It is estimates that this trend would grow by 25% every year and by 2018, is expected to reach $7.8 billion. Cloud based Learning Management System makes it into the list of online training and learning trends of 2015. A major advantage of this cloud-based system is that there is no need for software installation, which means you don’t have to control your own server. Organizations are transforming their teaching style to incorporate an interactive learning management system as well. Through active interactions, learning process will no longer be compartmentalized, but would rather turn into an innovative lifestyle that would make use of social, creative and informal methods.

Leadership training

Leadership development is one of crucial aspects in business and many of them are willing to invest a good amount of their funds in leadership training. According to the Global Leadership Forecast for 2014-2015 conducted by talent management consultancy Development Dimensions International, if the learning process is without practical application, then there is practically no scope for leadership development.
Ofabee being a top online training platform, always keen to adapt all the new trends in the online training arena. We are on the road to be the best in class online training platform by adopting all the above trends.

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