Trainings Made Painless

Ofabee is a simple yet powerful online training platform for all your training needs.

Create Courses Online

Create courses in Ofabee by adding your content in the form of modules with Topics and Sub Topics. Create simple tests containing multiple choices, keyword to measure trainee performance. Trainer can also add question in recorded videos to increase the level of engagement of trainees. We also created a mobile version to playback the videos through mobile devices. Attach different kinds of word documents or pdf files in your courses. Upload course related documents which would helpful for the trainees to grab more knowledge. Add assignments to courses, let the trainees work on it and showcase what they have learned through course. The trainer will also get an idea about how well the trainee learned things.

Custom Branding

Ofabee is the quickest and easily customisable Learning Management System which suites your brand. Each Ofabee account has a unique website address and custom branded login page. People will instantly identify your brand by viewing the logo.

Ofabee Cloud

Securely access the training materials and data at anytime from anywhere across the globe. All the training materials are stored on secure servers which are backed up regularly to multiple locations. Ofabee is a fully hosted online training platform so no software downloads & installations are required. If you have access to internet then you can create, manage & deliver the training materials trainees can access it at anytime from any with Ofabee. No need of worry about thinking that the training platform is out of date. Our team will automatically upgrade the platform with new and additional features.

Sell Courses Online

Using Ofabee inbuilt e-commerce platform you can sell courses and add to your revenue. With our e-commerce storefront sell your engaging, interactive & user friendly courses to users. We will keep track of the online sales process. Ofabee managed e-commerce takes the hassle out of processing online sales, enabling you to sell courses at your own price. Ofabee supports both online and offline payment modes. Track page views and observe your sales direct for ecommerce enabled courses using Google Analytics.

HD Live Interactive Classes

With Ofabee you can conduct live interactive classes. It helps Seamless Delivery of LIVE Sessions with recording quality on demand content delivery. Ofabee is having Inbuilt live streaming and webinar facilities which reduce the burden of integration with third party solutions. And while not all types of live training can be effectively repurposed in an online learning environment, there are some major benefits to offering a blending learning solution where face-to-face events and Instructor Led Training (ILT) are part of the curriculum. When hosting live events such as webinars or classroom-based sessions, you can rely on using Ofabee to help. While going with a live training session you will get the details about who are all the participants of the session. Communicate with trainees by answering their quires, share notes with them. You can easily record the live training sessions and add to the course materials.

Manage People Easily

Successful training programme demands well managed people. Every person which the trainer adds in Ofabee has their own account and login credentials. Entire training process and progress of every trainee is available to trainer at anytime. If you have large number of users and adding them one by one would a hectic job, With Ofabee you can add any number of users within seconds. Upload the list as excel and the work is done. Every trainee will get a real-activity feed of their courses completed, courses yet be taken attendance and much more. Enroll or suspend trainees on each course. Also assign instructors to particular course based on the requirement.

Notifications & Feedback

Trainers and trainees can keep in touch easily with messages & notifications. Trainees will notifications regarding new courses, notes added and live events happen in the platform. Likewise trainers also get notifications regarding doubts asked, quires from users and more. Learners can ask doubts regarding the courses to trainer; these messages will get delivered in Inbox. Assign courses to group of trainees also communicate easily with the group members through messages.

End User Analytics

Accurate end user reports helps to view the results and track the progress of trainer’s .Monitor all the learning activity which happens on your platform. Detailed reports help in tracking learners’ performance and make it easy to identify if training is overdue or out of date. Various kinds of reports are available for trainers to evaluate the learning activity like lecture report, activity report, test report and more. A convenient export link enables you to easily export reports into PDF or Excel format.

Mobile Learning

The adoption rate of smart phones has increased tremendously, so it makes sense to have your courses and content available for mobile devices. Users can access Ofabee via mobile no matter whether they were in bus train, bus or at home. When you upload word, excel documents, PDFs and these kinds of documents to Ofabee they can all be accessed via mobile devices. Uploading video file to generate multiple versions that are optimized for playback on desktop/laptop computers and mobile phones.

Social Learning

Social media tools are changing the game when it comes to employee learning. And thanks to Ofabee for creating an environment in which employees can learn from each instead of a formal structure. With Ofabee social learning trainees can avail features like Chats, blogs, announcements, scheduling and much more.

Integrate with Existing Systems

With Ofabee’s API share information with your existing systems. Based on the requirements we will integrate your systems through our Ofabee API.