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If you’re currently searching for an effective way to train new employees and to enhance the skills and productivity of existing employees, you already know how challenging it can be. Technologies evolve rapidly in this industry, and many training programs in these organisational are traditional and outdated. Most of the times employees are geographically dispersed, which makes training costly and impractical. To provide infrastructure, travel expenses and training materials make training a heavy budget process in organizations.

Benefits of Using a Ofabee in BFSI

In financial organisations each company has its own way of doing thing. Each company has its own unique needs and challenges. An LMS helps your training can be customized to address the needs and challenges. The customizable nature of an LMS also allows companies to address concerns about security and about remaining compliant with crucial regulations. Add your employees, assign training, and start tracking in 5 minutes. Ofabee makes it easy to create customized courses, and store in the cloud. There’s no need to install software or to undergo extensive training. If your learners are all in one place or scattered around various geographical locations, Ofabee can reach them. In addition Ofabee never compromise when it comes security. Ofabee securely stores your content and user information behind a hardware firewall. All data is transferred over HTTPS and keyed with a private certificate. Updates occur with minimal impact to end users.