Course delivery has evolved. Students and teachers are asking for flexible and more engaging learning experiences. Institutions are struggling to keep up, and are competing for students and funding. If you run or manage an educational organization, whether it’s a school, college or university, you undoubtedly discuss ways to make the classroom and learning experience better. Quality Learning Management Systems are the solution.

Why choose Ofabee for educational Institutions?

Create online test & assessments to evaluate student performance. You can even integrate media content and import assessment questions and answers in bulk.

Ofabee allows you to create courses you need in a matter of minutes, and it’s all handled online. Just upload the materials you need, whether they’re PowerPoint presentations, audio, videos and other components. Ofabee gives you powerful real-time snap shot of the classes, so that you can monitor the performance of students in achieving the goals. Identify the strong and weak points students and identify the students who need support.