Main function of businesses in the hospitality industry is to serve people -- whether it's food, lodging or a combination of these and other services. The importance of employee training and development in hospitality can’t be overstated, because every job ultimately aims for guest satisfaction. Without proper training, employee-guest encounters may go wrong which will affect your bottom line. An online training platform can deal with these problems.

Benefits on having Ofabee

Ofabee is a snap to get up creating, manage and deliver, new custom courses couldn’t be easier. Keeping employees up to speed regarding eLearning content industry best practices will be a breeze.Ofabee enables you to create, import, and export user data and course enrolments easily. You can assign instructors for each course set and easily manage large groups of people.If you are planning to expand, Ofabee will automatically expand for your need to suites your need. Ofabee can easily implement in any size of organisation.