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5 Mythical Limitations and Aids in Creating and Launching Online Courses.

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5 Mythical Limitations and Aids in Creating and Launching Online Courses.

Online courses literally have the power to change your future. There are many advantages in creating and delivering online courses. Online course creation and delivery is an excellent revenue stream for coaching centres.

But still online course creators like coaching centres tend to have a number of false limitations that hold them back from creating and delivering their courses. Let’s see some of the sceptical limitations and advisable aids in overcoming such challenges in online course creation and delivery.

Mythical Limitations and Aids

#1 “I am not an expert so I can’t teach about my field of interest”

Underestimating yourself is the most common problem which is insidious. A simple thought can completely avoid your wrong notion of insecurity and limitation.

An expert is someone who’s just one step ahead of you, and the dictionary definition says, “It’s someone who’s gained knowledge or skills from experience.” So if you think that someone is an expert, it’s purely based on their experience. Our experience in the field make us an expert there. Thus expertise is a matter of experience. So start doing and be an expert.

#2 “Video recording and seeing myself over the screen is hesitating”

It’s just a starting trouble. Once you start recording the video and do as many trails in correcting and editing your video, your attitude automatically changes. Hesitation is not a problem but a solution to better your videos. The best way to avoid starting trouble is to practice in front of the mirror and then record.

If nothing works?!! Course creation through online video is not an only option. You shouldn’t limit your passion because of this. Products like Ofabee provides various LMS methods in creating and delivering courses other than Video course delivery. So if one recording doesn’t work, it’s not an end to your passion, you can delivery your courses in n ways through LMS.

#3 “I selected a course topic according to the recent trend but it doesn’t work for me”

Trendy course is the idea that you have to pick a course topic that’s trendy. This means you are picking a course topic that you think is popular. The ultimate aim of a course selection is to link your skills and passions to the marketplace.

If you are going to try something trendy then you want to make sure that you have an appropriate number of audience. Otherwise do the course that you are really interested in. a trial and error method would be preferable at your own risk.

#4 “Why should people buy my course if they can google everything?”

First and foremost, it cannot be considered as an excuse. There is a tremendous value in your unique voice and presentation.

Each individual has his/her own way of presenting knowledge, so a unique style can easily reach millions. People search for the topics and they become your admirable customers for your unique style of conveying knowledge.

#5 “Do I have enough customers if I charge more for my course. Does pricing may become a barrier?”

Always remember that ‘Your Course Quality Matters the Most’. If you have a quality bunch of knowledge with extremely useful information, you can charge the course as your content and effort deserves. But still always reserve a possibility of negotiation according to the market and the competitors.

These 5 mythical limitations can be easily avoided by examining and exploring your field. The best way is to find your balance and work with confidence.

Remya P R