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5 reasons Why you should Try Online Teaching

5 reasons Why you should Try Online Teaching

Before just directly jumping into the topic, let’s discuss something interesting!


How can you decide if Online Teaching is right for you!


Or who all have the chances to be Online Teachers!




Online Teaching as you obviously know is a great option as a part-time job. Other than that, there are ones who opt online teaching as their full-time profession.


There are also other cases like working teachers looking to supplement their existing salary, Graduates/ Students who have yet to land their first classroom teaching or teachers who are retired try Online Teaching looking to earn some money on the side.


The other category of Online Teaching are institutions who already have classes and need to extend their teaching ‘online’ as their students could learn their lectures and notes from anywhere and at any time.


But to be frank, regardless of your current working situation, Online Teaching is relaxing, and it is also a profession which can second you financially and in self-learning.


Now let’s discuss the positives of online teaching and why it is good to opt Online Teaching as a profession.



  1. Flexible working hours


The first advantage of Online Teaching is flexible working hours. In online teaching, you can set your own schedule.


It means you can balance online teaching with your regular job. You can decide on the duration of the course according to the time available.


So as long as you’ve got some free time in the early mornings or evenings, it should be relatively easy to teach online for a few hours on weekdays, as well as on the weekends.


If you opt to take full-time online teaching, I must say that it can turn in to a primary source of income plus you will have the freedom to take a vacation when the time suits you.


  1. Freedom


The first benefit is that you will have freedom in your teaching. You could not only decide your own teaching hours but also can be taught from anywhere


You can also schedule the duration of live class time or of your video classes as your wish.


  1. Revenue


In the case of revenue, you will have the freedom to decide the fee for your course that directly serves your revenue.


By using an Online Course Delivery Platform like Ofabee, you can sell your courses in your own branded website, decide the payment for the course and also gain the full profit of the courses that you offer.


You can also enroll an unlimited number of students from anywhere in the world thereby increasing revenue.


The most interesting part is you can save on transportation fee, time and work-related expenses.


  1. New Career Ideas


Many have started their Online Teaching as a part-time job and then it turned in to a full-time profession.


If you are really hesitated and afraid to opt Online Teaching as a full-time profession, I recommend you to start as a part-time job.


The survey shows that more than 70% of the students prefer to go for Online Teaching rather the textbook learning. So you will definitely confront a hike in the revenue for part-time online teaching.


By identifying the progress in revenue, you can turn you part-time online teaching as full time.


  1. Disruption-free learning


The main benefit of Online Teaching is the disruption free learning environment for students. But is it to be noted that you should convey the topics in an interesting and engaging way to the students.


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