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7 Tips to track skill development with an LMS

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7 Tips to track skill development with an LMS

Your employees must master the skills they need to navigate each new workday, from communication and lateral thinking to negotiation and persuasion. However, how do you know if your staff is building the skill sets their job demands?

Let us take a look at some tips to track skill growth with the help of LMS reports.

Assessment reports
Pre-assessments serve as a benchmark for employee progress, while final exams allow you to monitor how much they have developed their skills and bridged gaps. Most LMS feature built-in assessment reports. Therefore, you can compile data for individuals and groups to look for trouble spots. For example, a high percentage of corporate learners do not show much improvement in their test scores after completing the online training activity. This may indicate that there is an issue with the online training strategy rather than learner motivation or participation.

Simulation performance reports
Online training simulations require certain skills and knowledge. Thus, they are the ideal progress-tracking tool that allows you to monitor individual skill growth. You can evaluate every aspect of their performance to determine where they need to improve, and which skills they must develop in order to boost efficiency. It is also best to provide immediate e-learning feedback so that corporate learners know how to move forward.

Certification online training overview
Some LMS have the ability to track certification online training programs. As such, you can develop skill-based certificates that consist of online training activities and assessments. Corporate learners must complete the requirements to earn the online training certificate and prove their mastery. Offering a separate certification online training course for each skill set allows you to track skill growth on a case-by-case basis.

Work competency reports
Work competency reports help track skill growth and employee progress, as well as individuals that stack up against their peers. They are usually comprised of several data points, including on-the-job observations and manager evaluations. This data is compiled in the LMS to provide a complete picture of the employee’s current skill levels against the desired skill proficiency level. As a result, you are able to determine which skills employees need to improve based on their job duties and tasks.

Course completion times
It takes employees longer than expected to complete online training courses, even those that do not directly relate to skill development. This is a sign that your staff lacks the skills required to complete the coursework and tasks. Online training completion times do require some follow up to identify the root cause. Online surveys and assessments can shed some light on why corporate learners take longer to finish the online training module.

Branching scenario success rates
Branching scenarios are another online training activity that requires a certain amount of skill to achieve the desired outcome. Employees must use these skills to choose the right decision-making paths. You can view LMS reports to find skill gaps and figure out which talents and abilities align with each task.

Hopefully, you have gained an idea of how useful an LMS is. Regardless of whether you run a large company or a small company, you will still benefit from having an effective LMS at your disposal.

Krishnan Subramoni