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Add Live Webinars & Run Interactive Online Courses!

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Add Live Webinars & Run Interactive Online Courses!

For effective teaching, you might search for an LMS that provides you the features which you can keep your students engaged and motivate them for active participation during the course sessions.

There are plenty of awesome features that you can implement into your online course to make it interactive. Some of the features are video conference, discussion forums, live chat, audio call and many more. But the problem arises when one has to select the most effective feature for running a successful Online Course.

A live webinar is an internet based interactive program where a teacher can reach out to students through PC, tablet, smartphones, etc. Live webinars create a field where the students can actively share, survey, talk, debate and inquire to the teachers or others about the particular course. These sessions can be within budget, special, live and easier to understand. Let us look at some of the benefits of including live webinars in your course.


  • Live webinars construct an opportunity where face to face interaction between the teachers and students can conduct in an effective manner.

  • Instead of being an inactive listener or viewer, the students can participate in healthy debates and share their questions, ideas and experiences.

  • For the teachers, live webinars helps them to develop an idea about the kind of students they deal with.


  • For seminars before webinars came, only people with convenience to travel and have money could attend the seminars but the live webinars make your courses accessible and available to those who face geographical and financial constraints.

Time and Cost saving

  • Arranging a live webinar not only helps you in widening your expertise to more people but it is also time and cost saving.

  • For platforms like Ofabee, you only need to invest once on the course material and LMS.

Post Event Activity

  • Add post event activities such as assignments, tests, discussion forums etc. In this way, you not only keep your students engaged in the course but also inspire them to attend your upcoming sessions.

Thus live webinar feature emphasises the power of taking online teaching to new heights.


Remya P R