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Assess the Effectiveness of your Online Teaching!

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Assess the Effectiveness of your Online Teaching!

As with increase in organisations which adopts online training, the reach and availability of online teaching is increasing. Thus it become necessary to assess the effectiveness of your Online Teaching.

There are numerous ways to assess the effectiveness of online teaching of organisations. The amalgam of two or more assessing approaches work better to understand the different aspects that constitute effectiveness of teaching.

Now the question is how to choose an apt method for choosing the right approach! Choosing the right way of assessing depends on the type of content, the learner profile and organizational objectives that helped conceptualize and implement the teaching. With the right kind of LMS like Ofabee and various inter activities incorporated within the content, a lot that can be measured.

Here are some ways to assess the effectiveness of your Online Teaching

Usage Data

An effective LMS should be able to track user data and give inputs on the courses which the learner subscribed, finished or pursuing. Nowadays LMSs are so furnished that it can assess the students’ activities within their subscribed course and point out certain sections in the course where the learner spent more time or which he/she skipped. This provides a guide to the learner’s preferred learning styles and can help to chart a personalized teaching plan for the teacher to increase the effectiveness of his/her teaching.

Informal Assessments within an Online Course

Assessments like quizzes, Edu games and short tests are commonly used within an online course to evaluate the effectiveness and also help students to monitor their own progress in studies and teachers to monitor their progress in Online Teaching. The results are mostly given instantly and this helps to re-enforce learning and assessment of students’ progress. Majority of Online Courses allow multiple attempts of a particular test or quiz. By keeping their performance reports, his/her progress can be measured accurately.

Formal Assessments within an Online Course

To make sure that the knowledge transfer through an Online Teaching has been successful, formal tests are conducted that consists of multiple-choice, true/false questions and descriptive tests. Assessments are also an eye-opener to the effectiveness of learning and teaching within a group of students & teachers.

Qualitative Assessments

Sometimes teaching effectiveness cannot be quantified, particularly when teaching objectives aim to make changes in behaviour or attitudes, like most soft skills Online Courses do. Situation based teaching activities can be successfully assessed if an Online Course makes suitable changes in behaviour/attitudes. These assessments are very popular among both students and teachers as they provide way for thought. Effective teaching share divergent perspectives of a learner/teacher groups. This increases an overall effectiveness of Online Teaching as students come together, discuss and learn from each other.


Lastly, we can also use the traditional method of assessing the impact of online learning by asking the students themselves. Most modern LMSs like Ofabee can successfully conduct surveys and can quickly analyse them to provide a suitable measure of effectiveness of an online Teaching.

Remya P R