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Be One among Successful Online Teachers

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Be One among Successful Online Teachers

Successful Online Tutor doesn’t happen in a blink. To be a rewarding tutor, your students should first of all love your course. To make them love your course, your course must be interested. Its starts from designing your course to how well you present and appreciate your students.

Let’s discuss some tips to be a successful online tutor starts from designing your course.

  • Interesting Content

Plan your course in such a way that, it contains variety of interesting contents like narrative videos, photographs text, voice etc. Blended learning have always worked positively among students. It increases students’ interest and ability to grasp the subject quicker.

In order to present your contents including multimedia ones effectively, an efficient LMS like Ofabee is essential. Ofabee offers you a perfect teaching platform that supports all kinds of contents with high quality.

  • Split your Topics

Split your topics in to different sections and organise contents in a manageable way. Do not cover your course with prolonged videos, large PPTs or so. Presenting your topics in this way will create boredom and tempt the students to exit from the course. So keeping your topics short and crisp is important.

  • Design Matters

Make design in such a manner that your students will fell attracted and interested on the topic at first glance. Include more practical examples and scenarios to explain your topic or theory. Insert media contents that your students and relate to.

Keep your students engaged by interacting with them and making them talk with fellow learners through discussion platforms and live chats. Teaching Platform like Ofabee provides excellent and hassle free discussion platforms and also enables video conferences. By making them interact with one another, they can also come up with new ways to solve problems and doubts.

  • Accessibility

Unless your course is accessible at anytime from anywhere, there are more chances that the students might exit from your course. Students should be your greatest priority. Keep your course in a way that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time through their smartphones or tablets. An easily accessible course will attract more students.

  • Appreciation

Appreciation is an unavoidable factor to motivate students. Awards and recognition to students not only increase their interest in the course but also motivate them to contribute more in to the course through discussion platforms and live chats.

You can also show motivational messages when they finish each level of the course. It would be advisable if you give certificates when they finish the course as recognition.

  • Feedback and Analysis

Valuable feedbacks from your students should be appreciated and format your website, contents or teaching styles accordingly. This would definitely make better results in your teaching.

Building a course which guarantees priority and quality will ultimately make you one among successful Online Tutors.

Remya P R