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Build a Rewarding Online Course Economically

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Build a Rewarding Online Course Economically

Once you decide the course topic, you can teach in a traditional classroom setting. But creating a course without thinking much from the profitable viewpoint will cost you a lot. If you are financially on height and have your own infrastructure, building a traditional classroom setup is not at all a problem. But otherwise, it is a hard task.

An Online Teaching setup by creating an Online Course would find a perfect solution for the kinds of financial and infrastructure issues that you face during your traditional classroom setting.

Traditional v/s Online Teaching

  • Infrastructure

The expenditure to build a traditional classroom setup especially in metropolitan cities is very high and a middle class person who wish to do so will have to face many difficulties in each and every stages of construction, organisation and maintenance.

On the other hand, an Online Teaching setup is cost free and you can customise whenever you wish to do so. You can change the look and feel of your website and Online Teaching Platforms like Ofabee helps you to build beautiful and easy customisible Course delivering webpages. It promises zero infrastructure cost with 100% satisfaction.

By setting up your own e-learning school to teach online, you save a lot of money.

  • Global Branding

Branding your Institute name globally is the ultimate aim to make profit. When more people come across your brand name, more students will enrol in to your course.

Traditional classroom within four walls can only propagate your brand name within limits. But in an Online Teaching process, your brand name will be heard and shared globally. You can achieve a tremendous growth in your business when new students start enrolling in to your course around the globe.

Once your brand name gains popularity, you doesn’t need much effort to promote your classes.

  • Anytime Anywhere

One of the major advantage of Online Teaching upon traditional classroom teaching is the comfort of the students. In an Online Course delivery, students are able to access the course from anywhere at any time. They can manage and adjust their schedule and can find time for completing the course other than to be present in a fixed place at fixed time.

  • Pace of Growth

In regular classroom teaching, it takes more time to attain a professional growth than you expect. Professional growth will be slow and difficult as you are chained to the physical and geographical limits. It takes time to make your institution an established one.

On the other hand, Online Teaching speeds up your professional growth. The vast and wide field of internet helps your brand grow and gain popularity. Delivering your courses online can reach thousands of students within a short span of 2-3 months.

  • Campaign Range

In regular classroom teaching/training you should spend lakhs together on television commercials and other advertisements. But in an Online teaching/ training method, timely notifications through social networks and social media make better campaign. You can also make use of online marketing techniques to campaign your courses effectively.

Online teaching and online campaigning make the students enrol in to your course then and there.

  • Time and Money

In a regular Classroom set up, students are so much bound in to time constraints in attending the classes or in submitting their assignment works. It is indeed a long process.

With Online Teaching, you can save time and money to a large extent. Students can Login, register, pay and enrol to the courses they like and start learning. They can even attend practice/mock test whenever they need. It helps you not only to deliver and manage the classes & students but also in quick Online Assessment of the Students’ progress.

You can make your Online Teaching website with all the requirements that adds to the student comfort with Online Teaching Platforms like Ofabee.


Remya P R