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Conduct Online Mock Test and Enrol More Students

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Conduct Online Mock Test and Enrol More Students

In this era, almost all competitive exams and its mode of conducting exams have changed from OMR sheets to online screens. Not only the mode of conducting exams but also the evaluation process and selection process. There is always few or full presence of online test in each selection process. Thus to skip this step is impossible and one should necessarily pass the online test in order to get in to job or higher studies. The students mainly take and practice online tests in order to check their preparedness and overall performance.

Apart from the benefits that the learners have, there is double benefit for the institutes that conduct online tests.

Now lets us look in to the benefits of online tests that make the students enrol in to the course.

Why online mock test is high on demand?

Students who appear for competitive exams may be employed or pursuing some degree so it makes it really difficult for them to attend the tests on particular dates. Another case might be that the students might be staying in a different city from the test preparation institute. These kinds of difficulties can be solved with Online Test platforms. This solution makes the students more comfortable in balancing their schedule and there are more chances of enrolment.

Apart from these, there are others important factors that influences the students to take an online mock tests. They are,

  • Feedback in seconds

Immediate feedback is always a plus point from the part of coaching centres. It helps the students to quickly work on their difficult modules and prepare better.

The traditional way of feedback, knowingly or unknowingly is biased. But online test evaluation which is automatic is unbiased and free from human error. Another point is that, students will get a true to result feedback.

  • Security

Security and confidentiality is another important factor that attracts the students to enrol more in to Online Test platforms. You are free to test your knowledge without any hesitation when it comes to Online Tests. Your answers and results are always kept safe here.

  • Conduct manageable tests

Online test platforms make the process of conducting and evaluating the process easier. As the whole process is automatic, there is no chance of error practice tests make the whole process of conducting and managing the test easier. Conducting Online Test is literally effortless. It saves time and manpower. Moreover it saves money.

  • An effective learning tool

Online test make the students know mistakes in particular modules and help them to correct their mistakes. It makes them learn more and do more online test in order to secure full marks.

  • LMS storage of results

The results are automatically stored in LMS and it saves the teachers trouble of carrying bunches of answer papers. Major point is that, as the results are stored online, there will not be even the slightest chance of losing the results and data.

  • Easily accessible

The online tests are easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Online test platforms like Ofabee have mobile apps as well so that you can access it from your own mobile phones.

This facility also enable the students to take retests as many times they want. Online test platforms enable you to conduct serious one time test and numerous mock tests.


Remya P R