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Crack Video Creation Techniques and Make Trend Setting Online Courses!

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Crack Video Creation Techniques and Make Trend Setting Online Courses!

Video courses are abounding on internet today. Though there are a lot, not all are created equal. If you want to make your Online Video Course one among the most influential and interesting one, several valuable techniques should be noted before you create a Video.

Let us check some interesting techniques that will take you from a tedious teacher to a proficient professor.

  • Make Best out of Basics

The first thing is to make your basic requirements the best. For it is to be done, you don’t necessarily need the highest quality equipment, but make sure that all the elements of good film making are of quality.

A concise script, good audio levels, perfect lighting, effective pace etc. are few elements that should be noted in making a good video course. Before uploading, review your video with a critical eye and edit accordingly.

  • Viewer Identification

The main idea of viewer identification is finding out whom to instruct, gauging their knowledge level and creating Video Courses accordingly.

Avoid high-level vocabulary if your audience are beginners. Do not over simplify if you are speaking to experts. It is also a wastage of time and effort when you share obvious information.

  • Simplification

Instead of beating around the bush, convey the topic idea and teachings directly to your students. Do not load your video with tons of information, this will irritate your students.

Get directly in to the topic and break down the information in to small bunches. Try to teach them by explaining and describing the topics in simple step by step formula. Let your students know exactly what they will learn and where they are in the process.


  • Visual Presentation

In addition to narration and textual sharing of information regarding the course topics, make use of visual techniques to attract and interest your students.

An awesome visual presentation of video using video enhancing tools and techniques would definitely make good results and increase the pace of reaching to your goals. The video presentation aids students.

  • Short and Clear Contents

Most Online learners do not have much time to spend and they need to have maximum information in less time.

Create your course video keeping this in mind. Your content should be short and clear. This will help you to grab your students’ attention and can thereby increase the rating of your course.

  • Grabbing Response

Don’t let your students leave the course after they are done watching the video. Encourage them to make comments or post doubts by asking those interesting questions or dialogues, offering them additional resources or providing contact information.

  • Background Score

Play calm and soft background score without distracting your narration or text voice. This will create interest in students to listen and watch your video.

A video course without background music may reduce the interest in students and make them feel bored.

Above all, find a user friendly LMS or Course Creation Platform like Ofabee to implement the video courses with high quality and standard.

Remya P R