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Create and Price your Online Course Systematically

Create and Price your Online Course Systematically

The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to share ideas and learn new information because of the rise of numerous open online courses. There’s a serious demand for online courses, and an excellent way to generate revenue. To make your online course a successful venture, planning your course and implementing accordingly is important. Some basic ideas to start creating and marketing your online course is as follows.

Polarising your profitable course area

The first step ever is polarising. Explore yourself by trying to find out what are you good at, what interest do you have, what is your passion, and your ability to transform your field of interest and your skills in to transferable knowledge.
Make sure that you are interested in solving the problems of your recipients or students. An interest to explore and share your findings does matter a lot. While choosing your course it is also necessary to note whether you have enough recipients so that you can create and double your revenue in order to continue the course.

Name your course effectively

Do not rush up in naming your course. Instead of hitting directly on fixing the name of your course, wait until you have specific goals and outcomes for your course. After you have done that an effective name will automatically get in to your brain.
The name should usually be simple. Do not use difficult high definition words for your course title. This may hesitate your recipients to enrol in to the course as they think that it is something that they cannot handle. Create a name that is simple but suits contemporary world.

Creating your course content

Write down a step-by-step outline of how your course should proceed in the chronological order to get their desired outcome. Each step becomes a lesson in your online course. The goal of the whole outline making is to get to a desired outcome, so all the steps should lead to that one goal.
When it comes to creating the content, Ofabee will help you in creating and uploading the content effectively with ease. You can upload text, powerpoints, presentations, videos, audios and can even make use of the connected classroom facility to improve your content and discussion quality.

Income goals and pricing

The fact is, it is your course quality that matters. If your course has something really useful for the recipients and helps to develop their skills, you shouldn’t really worry about the pricing.
If you think that your course content is worth, then you can decide the price accordingly. People will come for the quality contents without worrying much about the price. Course value and demand dose matter.
Another tip is, pricing your online course means that students take your course seriously and it increases student’s engagement.

Remya P R