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Create Online Courses with your YouTube Channel

Create Online Courses with your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a growing trend today. People, especially tutors love to start a YouTube channel rather than being a blogger.


Most of them take up YouTube as a full-time job as YouTube is beginning to become seen as a valid career path.


Now that if you have already a YouTube channel, you could earn double or triple the revenue than just from uploading on YouTube.



I am here to suggest a brilliant way on how to increase your revenue from your YouTube videos and turning them into a profitable online school.



But the issue with YouTubers nowadays is all of a sudden, advertisers were pulling their ads from certain types of video content, and videos that aligned with YouTube’s guidelines were mistakenly getting demonetized.


In short: it is a scary time to be a YouTube creator.


Now that you have all the videos that are uploaded in your YouTube channel, it is very easy to start an online course.


Increase your revenue with Online Courses




Online courses are the best way for YouTubers to diversify their income because; they already have engaged the audience and they are proficient in creating video content.


Online courses are a product that you create once and can sell over and over again.


What type, of course, should YouTubers create?



This is a topic where you don’t have to have any confusion on. On what type, of course, should YouTuber create depends upon what type of YouTuber you are.


You can even share just simply your views, daily blogging or travel blogs and can open a discussion forum.


If you have quality content and if you are a great inspirer, people will rush into your course when if you upload it into an online course selling platform like Ofabee, which is very user-friendly and flexible.


How can you start an Online School from YouTube Channel?



As you already have a YouTube channel, you are all set with videos to upload.


Next step is to have an Online Course Selling Platform.


You can either develop a website and online course selling platform (which needs a bundle of technical support and time) or can easily achieve an online course selling platform like Ofabee, where you can easily upload courses and sell without any technical knowledge.


Ofabee is an affordable LMS Platform that helps you sell your courses by giving you an absolute platform to launch your online courses. It is Simple & Flexible. It also offers FREE Trial.


Sell Courses Online Ofabee


Features of Ofabee:

  • FREE Trial opportunity
  • FREE Demo
  • Custom Branded Platform
  • Affordable
  • Your own branded Mobile App & Website
  • No Coding Required
  • Payment Gateways
  • Add numerous Courses
  • Add numerous faculties
  • Enroll numerous students
  • Content Management
  • SMS/Emails & Push Notifications
  • Conduct Online Mock Test
  • Generate student reports
  • Candidate Management
  • Discussion platforms
  • Live interactive classes
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Virtual / Connected Classroom
  • Free App Maintenance and many more.


Now that you have Online Course Selling Platform, you can easily launch your Online School with your YouTube Videos.


Try Ofabee for Free!


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Remya P R