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Create Stunning Presentations for Your Online Course

Create Stunning Presentations for Your Online Course

The purpose of an Online Course is to help students to get their desired outcome.


To give your students their desired outcome, the online tutors have to learn, create a curriculum and create course contents that would engage and interest your students.


You’re already an expert in what you’re looking to teach, so step one and step two should be a breeze.


Content Creation


Creating the content is the major problem online tutors often trouble with.


Tutors know what they want to teach, but conveying that through creating course material often becomes difficult.


Create Great Presentations


Presentations are valuable and easy to create. No matter what, presentations will certainly improve student engagement. Most of you have probably used PowerPoint and that’s all you need to create slides.


You can use text and images to create lessons for your students that can be flipped through quickly.   Your slides don’t have to be overly fancy as long as they clearly convey the information you’re trying to teach your students.





Keep your text short and to the point. Don’t put paragraphs of information onto your slides, or they’ll be too difficult to follow and it will cause them to become distracted. Use bullet points or very short sentences.



It will make everything look so much better.




If you already have a brand, use your brand colors in your slides. Your online course and its presentation is a direct extension of you and your brand and your slides should have the same look and feel as the rest of your content.


This way, when your audience sees your course, they will automatically know it’s from you because they recognize the brand you’ve created.





It’s preferred to choose a serif or sans serif font for your text. They are the easiest to read.


Font Sizing


One last thing to remember when you’re choosing fonts is to make sure you use one that is large enough to read.




Visuals keep your audience engaged, and make your slides look awesome.


These are a few easy tips that you can start implementing today when you’re creating your presentation.


Upload your presentation


You can easily upload your presentation with a user-friendly online course delivery platform like Ofabee, where you can easily upload courses including presentations and sell without any technical knowledge.


Ofabee is an affordable LMS Platform that helps you sell your courses by giving you an absolute platform to launch your online courses. It is Simple & Flexible. It also offers FREE Trial.


Sell Courses Online Ofabee



Features of Ofabee:

  • FREE Trial opportunity
  • FREE Demo
  • Custom Branded Platform
  • Affordable
  • Your own branded Mobile App & Website
  • No Coding Required
  • Payment Gateways
  • Add numerous Courses
  • Add numerous faculties
  • Enroll numerous students
  • Content Management
  • SMS/Emails & Push Notifications
  • Conduct Online Mock Test
  • Generate student reports
  • Candidate Management
  • Discussion platforms
  • Live interactive classes
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Virtual / Connected Classroom
  • Free App Maintenance and many more.


Now that you have Online Course Selling Platform, you can easily launch your Online School with your YouTube Videos.

Have fun and happy presentation! & All the very best for Online Teaching!



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