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E-learning: An Unstoppable Conqueror!

E-learning: An Unstoppable Conqueror!

The concept of E-learning has been applying for long back in light of the argument that the first computer based training program breathed around 1960’s exclusively for teaching purpose.

Now, the main concern is, Do we see E-learning from an old perspective which believed to be in 1960’s? The truth is, it does not resemble the same. 
 adapted a modern face around the year 2000. This shift mainly happened as a beneficiary for business enterprises to train their employees. They dealt training on topics on demand in the beginning and shifted to complex subjects later.

The growth of this mode of technology which once dropped a pinch of prospect has grown and extended with new technology and development in no time. The flame of social and mobile learning has risen and spread in just a decade.

In this busy world, people rely more on smartphones and tablets, and this possibility serves the rise of mobile learning or E-learning through mobiles. It is estimated by Ericsson in their latest annual Mobility Report that, there will be 6.1B smartphone users by 2020. Thus people interact with electronic devices more than they interact with each other, so to convince an organization about the importance of E-learning is not a difficult task as it was in the past. People come in search for technologies that offer maximum knowledge in affordable prices. A time saving and affordable technology saves the day and attracts more people.

So to point out one reason for the growth of E-learning is not possible but without doubt, we can conclude that ‘E-learning is an unstoppable conqueror’.

Remya P R