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Frequently Asked Questions about Ofabee

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ofabee

Can I customize the app/website to fit my colour scheme?

Yes, you can personalise the colour scheme of the app to suit your course.

Can I update content of my app/website?

Of course you can edit the contents of your app. Ofabee has provided options for that too

Can I update banners of my app/website?

Yes, you can update the banners

Can my customer pay via app/website directly?

Yes, your customer can pay you directly with your app and payment will directly go in your bank account. We have partnered with several payment gateways and we will activate it in your app/website to accept payments.

Regarding the user login, if a learner registers to a course from our web platform, can they login to our mobile app with the credentials they created from the web platform and vice versa?

Yes you are right. Learners can access your web and mobile apps seamlessly with same username and password.

What will be the pros and cons of uploading videos to Ofabee server versus YouTube / Vimeo?

We will ensure content security of your videos if it is uploaded in Ofabee server. If it is embedded from YouTube or Vimeo we will not be able to assure you content security as your content will be streamed from third party server. We recommend loading your free content on YouTube and paid content on Ofabee.

What security features does Ofabee offer?

We provide 3 levels of security to protect your course content from piracy.

  • Username and password verification by application server
  • Timed signed URL for accessing content
  • Streaming encrypted course content to learners so that actual course content cannot be downloaded even with hack method.
What is the maximum number of learners that can be included in a course?

You can add as many students as you need. There is no limit in the number of students.

Regarding the learner details and related website data, will there be a clause in our agreement that we will be the sole owner of these properties?

Yes. We provide this cause in our agreement.

What is the difference between faculty and teacher?

Faculties are sub-admins, they can manage courses & learners as sub-admins. Teachers are just placeholders in course page. You can add details about teachers who have prepared or contributed for a course.

How many pages can I create using Ofabee website builder?

You can create as many pages as you wish with Ofabee

What kind of data protection and privacy policy does Ofabee offer?

All course data and user data belongs to you. Ofabee has no rights over your course content and user data. Your content and details will be secure under Ofabee

Will my course content and learner data created during trial period be intact if upgraded to paid plan?

Yes, all your course content and mock test content uploaded during trial period will be intact. You can also invite and sell courses during your trial period. Your content and entire account will be linked to your branded domain without any data loss when you upgrade to paid plan.

How can I link Ofabee account to my own domain / website?

You can link your Ofabee account to your branded website by configuring your DNS records on your domain service provider’s dashboard. We will assist you and provide necessary details for updating your DNS records.

What payment system Ofabee support?

Ofabee supports many popular Domestic and International payment gateways.

Can I host my courses and sell them from my branded website / domain name? If so, how can I get my courses enabled to my domain?

Ofabee offers branded learning apps on web and mobile. On web you can link your learning portal on your branded website/domain through DNS setting. If you subscribe for mobile apps, we provide branded Android and iOS apps in your preferred brand name.

Does Ofabee offer any marketing assistance or service?

We are Technology Company first. At present we are focusing all our efforts to provide you world class teaching platforms that you can scale. We offer marketing tools like email, SMS, Push messaging services with analytics. With Ofabee offered marketing tools you can communicate better with your learners and analyse your marketing campaigns. We are working on course and learner insights. Course insight helps you analyse which course of yours is working good. With learner insight you can get detailed reports on how your students are performing within the course.

Our constant endeavour has been to make our customers reach more learners and grow their business. With this spirit we keep shipping new marketing features like SEO optimized webpages, deep linking, social banners etc. We also keep sharing some of the best online marketing practices that we keep discovering. You can find such marketing articles at our blog.

What features does Ofabee offer for hosting test series and conducting online mock tests for competitive exams?

Ofabee offers robust test (assessment) engine. You can conduct mock tests with thousands of concurrent learners. Here are some of the key features specifically built for conducting mock tests.

  • Test interface similar to actual competitive exam.
  • Timed tests. You can set time duration at section level or at test level.
  • Test scheduling. Learners can take test only during scheduled window time.
  • Auto save feature. Helps your learners to take test in sessions.
  • Test result grading. Helps you provide customized messages to learners based on their final score.
  • Leader board
  • Answer review after test submit
  • Percentile score

Section and topic wise analytics after learner submits tests x. Support for various question types like Multiple choice questions (MCQs), Numerical type and descriptive questions

Can I launch courses on Ofabee? Is it mandatory to own a website?

It is not mandatory for you to have a website. You can use Ofabee sub-domain as your site till you get your own branded domain. You can host courses and sell them from your Ofabee sub-domain site. You can move to your own branded website anytime.

Can admin email id be changed at a later stage once the school is online?

Yes, it can be changed. You can submit support ticket or just inform us through our chat interface.

Does Ofabee offer live video tutoring or interactive whiteboard?

Yes. We offer Live Video tutoring and interactive Whiteboard.