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Find Profitable Online Course Ideas & Launch your Course!

Find Profitable Online Course Ideas & Launch your Course!

For Individual Tutors & Institutions!


Have you heard of people making high revenue by launching an Online Course?? But you don’t have an idea of what to Offer? You are not the only one who has got similar thoughts… Yes! You are not alone.


Online education is a growing industry and students nowadays love to watch & study things from digital appliances than books.


Many Online Tutors are making high profit and they turned their career focus completely into taking Online Courses as they found it as, more profitable and revenue hiking. It’s a sign than Online Course market is growing strong and has high competition.


Individual tutors & educational institutions started launching online courses so that students, not even from their own classes but those from anywhere in the world can enroll & attend the classes. This increases their number of students and revenue.


Finding a Profitable Course


Thinking of a good and profitable course is challenging. This happens to all. There are a plenty of aspiring tutors who really wish to start a business but have no idea what to start!


But if you already have an institution, you most probably have quality & expert materials to launch your online course.


You can do it in just few steps if you already have an Institution:


  1. Find a user friendly, simple & flexible Software to launch your course in your own brand.
  2. Digitalize your course content in to pdf, doc., ppt., Videos, Audios etc.
  3. Fix a price for your Online Course
  4. Launch your courses


Check out The Online Tools to Create Online Course Content within minutes. (Digitalize your Course Content with Online tools)


Launch a Course Now!!


With these few steps you can launch a quality and awesome online course, where students from any part of the world could enroll into it and be a part of your course. You will have 10 times more sign ups from students and revenue than today.


Check out how Maven Silicon reached 13k+ Student Sign-ups within a year with Ofabee!


If you are an Individual tutor, you have much to think.


Here are some steps to untangle your Course Ideas if you are an independent tutor:


  1. Think on your expertise & interest.
  2. Find the age group & type of students you need to interact.
  3. List out your interest & expertise according to priority. (educational, sports, arts, etc.)
  4. Narrow your choices.
  5. Search on Google to find the course demand among your choices.
  6. Test your Choice. (See whether the course idea could hook people)
  7. Finalize the one with more positive responses. (Ask someone of the same type or age group)
  8. You are now good to go with the selected course.
  9. Find a user friendly, simple & Flexible Software to launch your course.
  10. Create quality Course Content. (Create your course content in pdf, doc., ppt., Videos, Audios etc.)
  11. Fix price for your course.
  12. Launch your first course.


Check out The Online Tools to Create Online Course Content within minutes. 


Want to Launch an Online Course?


You are now good to select & launch your Online Course. Selecting the right course is not always easy but once you have found it, you are good on your way to reach heights!


Happy Launching & All the best from team Ofabee.


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Remya P R