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How Grace Academy trained their Students with Ofabee

How Grace Academy trained their Students with Ofabee

Grace Abacus Academy is an innovative training institute that has been succeeding its journey in the field of Abacus education in Kerala, since 2001.


Abacus is a brain development program for children and they efficiently mold students for surviving in today’s competitive world. They have centers in Kerala which deal with advanced Abacus especially for kids headed by Mr. Ciby Thomas.


Reaching out to Students made Easier with Ofabee!



Grace Academy was constantly following a traditional way of teaching abacus especially for kids since 2001. As a result of high demand for their abacus training courses, they decided to launch an online platform to upload their course.


Through an online platform, they could upload video courses and would help them to reach out to more students.


Provided our LMS Platform Ofabee!


In order to launch an online course, we provided our all in one LMS Platform Ofabee. Through Ofabee, they are able to upload courses, conduct online test, give assignments, surveys & polls and analyze student progress via accurate report, etc. Thus teaching their students made easier.


Their students are also able to learn abacus from anywhere & at any time. Through Ofabee, they are able to deliver efficient ‘easy math’ classes with the same proficiency as they do in a traditional classroom setup.


  • With Ofabee, Grace Academy could now teach students all around the globe
  • As they are providing Video courses, they could easily make their students engaging and interesting.
  • Android App of Ofabee made their course even handier so that students could directly enroll in the course and start learning.
  • They could upload video courses and reach their students in just a click
  • Ofabee gave fully customized course delivery platform at an affordable rate.
  • Ofabee provided a scalable solution that helps them to grow their business & increase their revenue.
  • The mobile apps provided easy teaching & learning.
  • Ofabee provided them a User-Friendly & Hassle-free platform to deliver to their students.
  • They could now upload all their course videos in categories and enable discussions, tests, and surveys.
  • Ofabee provided strong Course Content Security so that they shouldn’t worry about Video Security or other kinds of textual or multimedia security anymore.
  • With Ofabee, Certification of their courses became much easier and it is just a click away.
  • They could now conduct Online Mock Tests and conduct quizzes online with Ofabee easily.

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