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How Ofabee helped Dr P.P Vijayan to reach out to his followers!

How Ofabee helped Dr P.P Vijayan to reach out to his followers!

LifeLine is initiative by Dr.P.P. Vijayan, who is an internationally acclaimed mind trainer, psychologist, author, success coach and, business strategist. LifeLine delivers mind mastery, sales mastery, parenting & BMS classes taken by Dr. P.P Vijayan.


The life changing motivational sessions are taken in all over Kerala especially in Trivandrum, Kochi & Calicut. In addition his classes are in high demand globally as it is overwhelmed with highly effective thoughts.


For a highly reliable Online Course Delivery Platform!



Lifeline delivers the classes through 3-4 days sessions in different places. Though Lifeline has uploaded numerous sessions through YouTube, the demand for classes and follow up sessions for those who are out of state and for those who couldn’t attend a face to face session was a major concern. Lifeline needed a platform where the audience those who have attended the face to face session as well as who couldn’t, could easily participate in the session as well as the follow up sessions with ease.


Lifeline needed a platform where the audience can repeatedly watch the classes from anywhere anytime. They also wanted a fully customized online course delivery platform where the followers can buy the courses as well as the follow up sessions online, thus reaching out to his audience within minutes.




LifeLine joined with Ofabee to provide a Course Selling platform to deliver video classes online so that those who are interested can enroll and attend at their wish. Currently they provide mind mastery, sales mastery, parenting & BMS classes as courses and students from anywhere in the world could attend.

Ofabee supports various types of content such as videos, presentations, PDFs etc. with complete content security. User friendly design of Ofabee also imparted a handy platform where the courses can be easily uploaded and sold.


With Ofabee:


  • Lifeline could deliver their courses from anywhere at the same time with ease.
  • Ofabee provided strong course content security so that they shouldn’t worry about video security or other kinds of textual or multimedia security anymore.
  • Ofabee provided LifeLine Web, Android & iOS Apps
  • Ofabee provided a scalable solution that helps them to reach out to more audience and to also increase the revenue.
  • Through Ofabee the classes and its follow up sessions can be attended by anyone from anywhere.


Thus LifeLine could reach more audience as per their wish and a millions can attend D. P.P.Vijayan’s inspirational and thoughtful classes at hand.


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