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Improve your eLearning course using effective user communication

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Improve your eLearning course using effective user communication

When an eLearning course is treated as a product to be sold by a company, then it becomes clear on what must be done. Many companies large and small utilize customer feedback and communication to help with product design, development, and maintenance. The same rules can be applied to e-learning courses as well.


The following are some of the uses and benefits of learner communication.


Improving course quality


No one will buy a product that they do not need. In much the same way, no one will buy a course if they neither need or nor are interested in the subject. Regular communication will thus yield true insight into the needs of the learners. This allows the teaching institute to dynamically adjust its content so as to provide a better serving of its courses to its learners.


Learner feedback can be used to improve existing courses so as to keep the material relevant and accurate. Good communication will also provide the teaching institute with valuable information that will assist them in creating new courses that will sell better.


Increase learner loyalty


Regular controlled communication will keep the learner engaged with your content for a longer period of time. Informing them about changes, offers, and other such things is a good marketing strategy. Making the learner feel important and heard is a great way to increase their affinity to the teaching institute.


A happy loyal customer is the greatest advocate for your product.


Improve organizational productivity


The use of proactive and regular learner communication is a great productivity-boosting tactic. By communicating proactively with learners, a teacher can answer their questions before they can ask.


If there is a mobile app or website issue, this type of communication can significantly reduce the number of incoming support calls that may be received.


Identifying customer advocates


As stated before, a happy customer is the greatest marketing campaign available. They provide great value at little cost. Such people need to be identified and the best way this can be done is through communication and feedback.


Customer advocates are usually the ones who give good reviews. Such people should be contacted and a strong mutually beneficial relationship should be built between them and the institute. Such people can provide testimonials and referrals to help market your courses and institute. More often than not, they will provide a good testimonial or referral because they genuinely want to help the teaching institution.


With all these benefits in place, there is no excuse to not communicate regularly with your learners so as to build a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. But beware that simply talking is not enough. Good communication requires both parties to play an active role in both talking as well as listening.


The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – William Whyte

Krishnan Subramoni