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Key Points to remember when you launch an Online Mock Test


Key Points to remember when you launch an Online Mock Test

Educational institutions and online tutors are making best use of technology to help students learn and tests themselves. Online tests enable Online Tutors


  • To track their students’ progress with instant answer evaluations
  • To let their students attend online tests from anywhere at anytime
  • To offer accuracy and fair evaluation.
  • To manage tests easily and so on…


Though there are numerous benefits of conducting Online Mock Tests, there are some important points, which will make your online mock test an absolute favorite to your students.


Check out few tips to make yours a friendly Online Examination Platform:


Discuss & Interact

Let your students discuss & interact their questions and allow them to solve and examine it. Encourage their contribution on each question and let them come up with more questions of that sort. Solutions to most of the problems can be 905 solved when they discuss among themselves. This is also encouraging them to find out more questions to solve.


Reward & Recognition

Reward your students for achieving good marks for your Online Tests. No matter what the subject it, you can always reward & encourage them for performing well. Give bonus points to get them actively involved in finding, discussing and solving questions.


Quick Feedback

As we are all humans, students also expect you to assess them quickly. Give them a quick feedback for their questions and quires. They will find it very helpful and do not hesitate to come up with new ideas and discussions. By providing a quick feedback, you provide a friendly platform where they could engage more. Your feedback will make your students realize that you are serious about their tests. It also helps in selling your Online Tests.


Analysis & Report of Performance

To let your students perform better in future examinations, a detailed performing report & analysis is mandatory.  You should definitely keep the record of your students’ progress in a convenient form based on their marks and performance. There by you can easily analyze the progress of each student and convey them the ways to improve. It would be very easy for you and your students to evaluate their performance.


Security of Content

The questions asked in Online Mock Tests are to so secure that it shouldn’t be reused by anyone other than you. The quality of your questions asked judge the quality of your institution and the mock tests are a distinguishable factor between your test preparation and your competitors. Stealing your Mock Test will definitely affect your revenue. To avoid these issues, either an Online Mock Test platform like Ofabee will provide fully content secured platform or you can use watermarks for all your contents.


Launch your Online Mock Test in Ofabee All in One LMS Platform


Ofabee Exam Only App certainly has its roots on the idea that Mock Tests definitely plays an important part in the preparation of Competitive Examinations. In addition to conducting Online, you can create and deliver advanced online tests easily. With this, you can club number of tests and can easily assign it to a particular candidate or group of candidates. You can also sell Online Tests with the App and earn to raise the revenue quotient.

Ofabee Online Examination Platform also guarantees security for all your course content, questions and all kinds of multimedia contents.

The platform is easy to use with an intuitive interface that requires minimal human intervention available for both Android and iOS platforms, making an easy access on your Smart Phones.


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Remya P R