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LMS delivers quality support for Skill Development Organisations

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LMS delivers quality support for Skill Development Organisations

Skill development organisations are the most important and popular factor in developing country’s future by raising the quality and standards of the human resources. The organisations promote, establish, set up, monitor, govern and regulate, academics and administration for developing skills and competency standards. They literally do everything that adds to the quality and development of skills of the resources.

Skill developing strategies and management of the organisation should be made effective in order to deliver and promote quality output. For this, the assistance of online platforms for teaching/training and managing is unavoidable. The organisations do industry focused enabling programs for the faculty members, skill development programs for the students, research and project assistance to academic institutions, assignments related to skill building for institutions and corporate etc. The above mentioned are a few surface duties of such organisations. When we analyse each and every strategy and management of the skill development organisations, we can find that starting from the basic delivery of skill development courses, it extends its support in training faculties and managing resources.

For this, seeking the support of manual effort is not practical and wastage of work power. The role of LMS comes to play here. LMS not only prepares a platform to share your knowledge but also allow you to test and manage your resources. From recruiting resources, training them, analysing their performance report etc. to deliver online courses, conducting tests, managing resources and allowing discussion platforms etc. are done with online platforms. It makes the work easier on the management side and plays a role of a committed learning partner on the resource side.

The organisations can mainly deliver Job Oriented Courses in minutes, conduct online tests via online test platforms and share their classes using connected and virtual classroom facilities. It delivers a wide range of courses from complete technical based courses like Data entry operator, account executive etc. to nontechnical courses like Fashion designing, carpentry etc. It not only extends its assistance to the educational part but also controls and manage the faculty part by training them, assessing their performance and allotting their classes. One among the academy which basically delivers ICT skills to students is ICT Academy of Kerala and its brilliant collaboration with all in one LMS platform, Ofabee provided a Course Selling platform to deliver online video courses to the students. Ofabee delivered features such as LIVE engaging video platform, online tests, discussions, LIVE classrooms, etc. with complete reliability. Such platform helps to deliver courses especially in rural areas and helps the students to acquire job oriented courses and skill development courses to make them financially independent and empowered.

By analysing all these facts, the role of LMS platform without any doubt does complete duties of skill development organisations.

Remya P R