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Make Your Online Classroom Engaging for Students

Make Your Online Classroom Engaging for Students

As the students are comfortable learning over the internet, it’s a quite tricky task to keep your students engaged in an online classroom.


Without a doubt, your ultimate goal is to keep your students attention, which is always a difficult task for most of the online teachers.


The first step is definitely is to find the perfect online teaching platform like Ofabee.


Secondly, you must design your course materials in such a way that it’s both purposeful and interesting for the students.


This requires a little effort from your side to know what your students are most interested in. These references will help you to connect with your students.


Students always react positively to someone who can understand them, so first learn what they like.


Given below are few tips that you can note for making your Online Classroom interesting.


Find emotionally triggered content for students



Know the interest of your students and intentionally prepare examples and theme of your course which are similar to their interest.


If you explain to them with examples relating to their interest or everyday life, they will obviously be interested in your online class.


Prepare & Update new course materials


Numerous new and informative contents are published online day by day.


Make use of the information that could interest your students and update your students.

Thereby you will be adding value to their thoughts and interest.


In short, ‘To make your students interested in an online class, think like a student’.


Make a list of reputable websites relevant to your course and browse through them regularly for any new material that would benefit your students.


Motivate your Students


Students, for their consistency and hard work, like to be rewarded and such motivation drives them to perform even better the next time around.


Having an evaluation once every month keeps the students on their toes and drives a healthy competition.


Memorizing concepts using flashcards and games


Educations through games have proven to be a very brilliant tool for helping students to memorize and remember what they study.


This would not only enhance their interest in studies but also feel comfortable and interested to learn new ideas and topics.


Conduct Weekly Quizzes



To get your students ready, to take a test is a herculean task. So keep your quizzes funny and engaging. Give rewards generously.


You can also blend quizzing and game, where they get to play a game while answering the questions.


Use the above tips as a beginning to engage your students in online teaching.


If you have already thought about these, what are the ways that you are going to implement these ideas? Share your thoughts.  


Online classrooms are highly beneficial as they’re easily accessible and give students the opportunity to revise whenever they want to.


As a teacher, make it an awesome learning experience for your students.


Now its time to execute. Get Online Course Delivery Platform- Ofabee and start your Engaging Online Classes!


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