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Make your students Active Learners through Virtual Classrooms

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Make your students Active Learners through Virtual Classrooms

Your teaching story should not end with just delivering online lecturing and uploading online materials. To be a successful online teacher, one must engage their students and make them Active Learners.

Active Learners are not only those who focus and study the topics dedicatedly but also those who interact with fellow learners and contribute their best in to the course.

In order to make your students active learners, you must make them talk and contribute to your topic thereby increasing their interest in the course. To make and let them interact, you can introduce various kinds of course delivery.

Some of them are discussed below.

  • Comfy Whiteboard

Through Whiteboard the students can learn by seeing and by practicing. This also open up opportunities to increase their learning possibilities from sources other than the teacher. The Whiteboard provides a real ‘whiteboard’ ambience that makes your students feel comfortable and interesting.

  • Effective Microphone

During the lesson let students ask each other questions and have discussions through Microphone. Especially if you are teaching a language course, this will help your students to speak each other giving them the opportunity to interact. Students also feel comfortable when they can talk to each other and to their tutors as in real classroom.

  • Engaging Video/Picture Posting

This doesn’t mean that videos and pictures that relates to your topic can be posted by the tutor only. Instead let your students post videos and pictures related to your topic. This will make your students understand more about the topic and increase their interest for the course.

  • Letting it Trouble Free

A troublesome learning system will definitely reduce learner interest and turn them passive learners. As a tutor, you must make sure that your students do not face any difficulty while attending the course. A hassle free LMS like Ofabee will help you solve this problem.

More than a tutor, be a guide and facilitator to your students. Let your students be active in your sessions. Engaging them in these manner will make them feel part of the course and they will remain focused.

Remya P R