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Ofabee is acquired by Olive Group

Ofabee is acquired by Olive Group

We are ecstatic to announce that Ofabee is acquired by Olive Group,  a leading elearning company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. 


In the past 4 years, Ofabee has played an instrumental role in helping independent tutors and training institutions to launch their own online teaching platforms and teach their learners across India. While the world was experiencing an unusual change over the year, we were one among a few who had an opportunity to adapt and revamp. At Ofabee, we have partnered with the Olive Group, a globally recognized company to create a brilliant new venture- Mykademy. We are thrilled to collaborate with the new management, focusing majorly on the growth of our firm. And here we are, all unified with the new and better team to build – Mykademy.


Our promises – Wider Offerings. Stronger Team. 


One of the biggest impacts that will come with this acquisition is in our product feature improvement offerings and the best customer support to our customers. Mykademy founding team comes with deep-expertise in the elearning industry which complements well with Ofabee’s core offering in the course delivery platform to deliver online courses. This will help us expand offerings to our existing customers and provide them with an opportunity to go global with their teaching business.


 About our brand new branding


Ofabee is now Mykademy. Our team hasn’t changed but has gotten better to provide you with the best. Nothing from the product end has been changed following the brand change. We give the utmost value to the efforts that you have put in to create your personalized website. Strong as it can get, our talented team is right here for you.

Only the brand identity has been changed, not our values and promises. We do realize the amount of trust you have in us and have zero intention to break the instilled. Hence, we give positive reassurance of maintaining or even bettering the quality of support and service we offer. 


Teach the world


In simple words, the world is awaiting to quench the thirst for knowledge. Enlightenment is no ordinary task. Teaching is the soul and strength of a better tomorrow. Spread your mastery around the globe with us. We believe in you.


Thank you!

Team Ofabee.