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Popular eLearning Trends of 2017

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Popular eLearning Trends of 2017

In few decades, organisations have implemented LMS because of the growing popularity and success of e-learning. But most of them are dissatisfied with the existing Learning Management System and are looking forward to change. As such, there is an increasing tendency to replace existing LMS.

  • A top reason for replacing existing LMS is the need for an improved user experience and improved administrative experience. Enhanced reporting capabilities and mobile compatibility are also factors that organizations are taking into consideration while choosing Learning Management System. Ofabee comes as a perfect solution for the requirements expected by the organisations.


  • Personalised learning plays a bigger role here. Modern learners need a learning experience that fits their personal needs, learning speed & learning style. In a personalised learning environment, contents display is tuned in to individual learning styles and needs.


  • Modern LMS enables organisations and learners to collect data from any learning experience, completed in any environment, in any device. This can be then studied to treat the students with a learning path that might be most effective.


  • In the coming years, social learning will be less about delivering content and more about helping students. The future lies not only in single platform or tool, but in how these eLearning technologies lead to interactions within learning environment.


  • Another trend is Mobile Learning. One of the advantages that mobile learning offers is customisation which suits the sense of engagement and motivation of the learners. In addition, mobile learning is accessible at any time from any place and helps the learners stay on track with their learning.


  • Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of mobile learning in eLearning is multiple device support. In a mobile learning environment, the same course is available on various devices like PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Above all Organisations need to think more about how to optimise information and communication, for multiple delivery devices in a wireless environment.

For a learning environment, eLearning is a tool for raising performance and is necessary for developing learner interest & building future skills. Therefore eLearning is necessary for individual skill development as well as for building organisational capability on the whole.

Remya P R