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Profitable Online Course at your Fingertips!

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Profitable Online Course at your Fingertips!

The major tension that every course developers face is the density of similar courses on the internet. But the fact is that, if you find more similar courses online as yours, it proves that people need such a course and it’s on high demand. Thus your course have a very good possibility to serve more people and make them enrol in to your course.

Let’s see some of the course development ideas to create a Profitable Online Course.

Target Recipients

Be specific on your course recipients. If you create a course beneficial for all the people in the society irrespective of their field of interest, age, and profession etc., your course lacks base and clarity. This leads to the scatter of the recipients and reduce enrollment.

The learners will be confused on determining to whom the course is for. The fact is that, you can create a course for everyone. You must have a target audience where you could generate and improve their skills based on your course.

Specific Course

Be clear on the topic of your course. Specify a topic, address an issue and offer a solution. Have a clear view on the purpose of your course.

Instead of giving a vague idea to the people on how their future would be, give a specific solution for their current problem.

Create Blogs

Write good blogs on the topics which you are creating the course and share with your targeted audience through social media. Let your students/audience know through your blogs that there is a course available for their requirements.

Include Keywords

Optimise your Online Course website with sufficient keywords that are related to your course topic. This is to make your website comes up in the search results related to the course topic. This will increase audience density and the chances of enrolment are greater.

Give Free Trials

Free Trails always do well for your course. Give your audience free trail so that they could know what and how the course works for them. For example, Ofabee gives you Free Trials to let you know more about the Course Selling Platform  and how it delivers to you.

Free Trial increases the chances of getting more students to enroll in to the course. For that, the most effective way is to keep some portion of your course a free trail. You are not losing but letting your course to get more enrollment and making it a profitable one.

Appreciation and Certificates

Majority of the students look for a course that appreciates them with a certificate. Delivery of certificates after course completion also makes your course a genuine one. Awarding an official certificate will give your students a recognition to what they have learned. This also gives a guarantee knowledge to your students.


Remya P R