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Steps to Launch Your First Online Course!

Steps to Launch Your First Online Course!

Launching an Online Course has to be well planned and executed to grow your business.


Though the ways of promoting an online course varies, the plan and preparation to launch an online course is still the same! So many of us love the idea of being an online tutor but still hold on thinking of the technical and financial complexity that are going to face.


But to be frank, it isn’t that difficult. When it comes to executing the idea, we must follow some few steps and its done !


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In this blog, we have covered the steps to launch your first online course, which can be done within a month.


Once you have got your course idea in the hand, you can follow the following steps to launch your online course.


Step 1:


Plan your curriculum


It is really important to sort your topics in to sections & sub- sections before you launch the course. When you a get a clear idea to how and what to post, it will be easier for you to launch rather than mixing up the topics and end up in confusion.


Your students will also get a clear and sorted view of their course curriculum from you doing it and this helps in improving your online tutorial gives a really user-friendly platform for your students.


So at first, sort your topics and keep the curriculum systematized & simple.


To know more about designing your course, read on Design your Curriculum within minutes & Enroll more Students!


Step 2:


Manage your Content


The next step is to decide on which format you should provide the course content. If you are using an LMS Platform like Ofabee which have multimedia content support, you shouldn’t be worried as you can convert your content in to which ever file format you wish.


So, decide on which file format you should convert or digitize your content. You can make it in to pdfs, audio/video files, import from cloud, and share from YouTube etc.


There are so many online tools available to help you convert your content. Check out our blog: Top Online Tools to Create Online Course Content [2019] to help you with digitizing the content.


Step 3:


Fix your budget & Fee for your Course


The next important step is to decide on your budget & the fee for each course.  To know more on launching an online course with a small budget, read on Creating Effective eLearning on a Small Budget!


Now decide the course fee according to the either by demand of the course or by the quantity of the content. If your content is really good and you provide a reasonably fine cost for the course, students will opt for it no matter what.


You can even decide on the fee for each topic and sections that you provide. So decide on the price keeping in mind on what kind of audience you have.


Step 4:


Finding an LMS Platform


LMS Platform is basically an online platform where you can host your courses, upload course content, conduct tests, analyze student performance and so on. There are plenty of online course selling platforms in the market.


You can either put your course in platforms like Udemy or you can own yourself a fully customized and ready to use online LMS Platform like Ofabee, where you have the full authority to decide on your courses, students and fee for each course.


Now it’s your turn! Let’s execute it!



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All the very best for your first online tutorial!


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Remya P R