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Struggling for Proper Contents?! Create Attractive Online Course Contents Now!!

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Struggling for Proper Contents?! Create Attractive Online Course Contents Now!!

Online Courses basically simplify complex tasks and topics. But to engage and inspire your students with proper contents need some basics tips. You must be able to make your students interested in the course by organising and arranging the course contents in a proper way to enhance the benefits.

Here are some tips to take your online course in to an inspiring and attractive one.

  • Focus on Specific Objective

The probability of reaching your destination increases when you are well focused on your objective. Have focus on your efforts on specific objective and desired outcome. As an Online teacher, you have to find a main mission.

Decide the course topic and most importantly decide your audience. Your course content and the way of presentation solely depend upon the audience or the students.

  • Interactive Contents

Struggling-for-Proper-Contents-Create-Attractive-Online-Course-Contents-Now-Inner-imageAs an Online teacher you must make sure that your online course is interactive and engaging. In this way you can make sure that the learners actually absorb maximum information.

Include animations, GIFs, videos, audios, graphs, games, etc. that support your content. Keep your narrative interesting and create contents that your students can relate to.

  • Frame it like a story

Nobody can avoid a well written story with interesting facts. Instead of instructing your learners on the topic, share it like a story that they can relate to. Give daily life experiences as examples. This will grab their attention to the topic and they can quickly get all the important facts of your topic.

Give them opportunities to think about the topic and then solve them with your answers. Likewise maintain a conversation mode with your learners. Make sure that your story flows effectively and covers all the main points.

Develop a script beforehand and possibly even an eLearning storyboard to map out each scene. This ensures that your story flows effectively and covers all the main plot points.

  • Background Score Matters

Background Score is an absolute must for Online Course videos. Simple and calm background music has the power to make your course interesting and engaging. A course that include only text materials will reduce interest in students and there is a huge probability of a decrease in number of learners.

The tip is to get your online learner in the right frame of mind so that they can concentrate on their task.

Online Course Creating & Selling platforms like Ofabee provide you with a hassle free and quality platform to include video, audio, presentation files etc.

  • Screen Shots & Eye-Catching Images

Online courses and tutorials always benefit from visuals. Include screen shots and eye catching images you share information and notifications to your students.

Screen shots are always helpful to instruct and navigate your learners. They explain the scenario clearly than textual narratives.

Remya P R