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Tips and Tricks to improve Online Teaching

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Tips and Tricks to improve Online Teaching

There are certain things that need greater emphasis when a teacher is working with students who aren’t in a traditional classroom setting. Many things that make the best online educators successful aren’t especially strange, shocking, or revolutionary. With few tips and tricks you can conduct successful Online Teaching.

Capturing student’s attention

You can capture your student’s attention to a certain point by making your modules interesting and interactive. Add quizzes, show reference videos, Add topic based games, Animated Courses etc.

Arrange your modules in such a way that there is a continuous flow of content. Keep it narrative. Have a link or continuity from one chapter to the next.

Enrolling students

The best method for this to have a sample of your course. Keep few of your modules for a free trial. Your course would be very resourceful but without enrolment it becomes a total waste. So always offer a free trial and let them try and enrol.

Communicating with your students

The method of communication varies according to the type of information. Some should take place in discussion forums and live chats while other communications are best to have in a private email.

Using a different methods to communicate and evaluating which works best for a given group of students, is important for Online Teaching success.

Making easy and simple lessons

When you teach, you must make sure that it must interest your students and enable them to learn with ease and simplicity.  When you are teaching something online, be specific so that your students visualise what teach and they remember your lessons throughout.

The best tip is not to over fill your course content with unnecessary details. Come to the point quickly. Make the content simple by using simple language and precise points.

Regular course management.

One of the effective key strategies for success is practising regular course management. This includes monitoring assignment submissions, reminding students of upcoming deadlines, and making course progress adjustments when they need.

By maintaining these strategies regularly, students will enjoy a perfect and well planned navigation which leads to a responsive customer involvement.

Giving thoughtful and regular feedback

Another most important element to a successful online teaching is feedback. Feedback and assessment in an online course should be continuous.

In fact, many students find this kind of engagement to be even more essential to feel successful and recognised in the online environment. Thus regular feedback and bring about tremendous results for your online endeavour.

Planning your instructions

Online instructors must have a plan for how they’ll communicate changes to students. This reduces stress for both the instructor and the students & ensures that online courses will operate better.

Making your students learn Faster

The information you give needs to be organized and presented in a form your students understand. Give familiar information that adds to the pre requisite knowledge of your students.

New information takes time to get in to the brain and it will slow down the whole process of teaching and learning. It is always advisable to design your courses in such a way that the new information in your content is presented with something related to what learners already know.

Scaling up student performance

Give your students a targeted feedback by pointing out their strength and weaknesses through student analytics and assessment.

An efficient LMS platform like Ofabee can help you to assess your student performances effectively. That way you are helping them and helping yourself in scaling up your course while scaling up their performance.

Remya P R