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Tips to create Great Video Content for your Online Course [New]

Tips to create Great Video Content for your Online Course [New]

Video content for your online course helps to keep your students engaged throughout the course without any distraction. So it is highly recommended to do video courses to keep up the student engagement and participation.


Many of you have gone through so many video courses and wanted to do one to reach out to your students more effectively but the dark point comes when you really don’t have an idea of how to record or do a video content properly!


No worries anymore!


Here are some top tips to create great video content for your online course.


Let start from Scratch!


Getting Started!


As the video projects a full picture of who you are and what you do, it not only allows you to connect with your students but also you can explain your points in a more personalized manner.


Understanding the Targeted Audience


Understanding your targeted audience is as important as finding an online course idea.


Once you have a good picture of who your audience is, it will be more easy for you to figure out how to communicate with them and how to control your pace and mannerisms.


Know what you are talking about


Have a clear and precise knowledge of what exactly are you talking about! Do not lose your control of the topic. Do not talk long about something that does not serve any purpose.


Have a clear picture of how your audience will benefit from you sharing it. You can say something funny or engaging out of the topic but don’t take it for too long. Jump back to the topic before your students get bored.


Window light Advantage

The first thought that any tutor would think about starting an online course will be about the light settings. Do not stress over thinking about setting up costly fancy lights in order to get perfection.


You can make use of natural daylight or window light to easily make a great video, no matter what camera you have.


Keeping the length


Keep short and to the point videos. This would help your students watch your complete video and they won’t be stressed or bored. Do not create a video of 2-3 hr. long.


Sort and divide them into small portions minimum of 10 min long or most preferably 5 min long. Short videos grab more audience and their attention.



Screen-sharing and Screen-casting


Recording a video for your online course doesn’t mean that you should talk and explain your course topic all the time, face to face.


Most preferably you may record a video yourself talking to the camera for the intro and concluding videos, in between, you can either share your screen for demonstration or can even merge a screen-casting video for explaining g the course topic


Read on Best ScreenCasting Software for Creating Online Video Courses.


Be audible


Keep up a decent volume while recording your video. Your audience will not stay for long if you are not audible enough. So be audible, keep a good and normal pace, and be clear.


Choose your video marketing platform


Is it up to you to decide which marketing social media platform works best for you? You can use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any other media to promote your video content thus by reaching out to more students.



Last but not the least “Be Confident”, Be well prepared for what you are talking about.


You can keep your points as a small note while you speak in order to speak in a far organized way and to avoid confusion of which comes after which!

These are some tips to take note of when you are planning to launch a video class for your online course. From above which are the points that you would like to know more about? Or which are the ones that you are already taking care of when you start a video class?  


Now it’s your turn! Let’s execute it!


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All the very best for your first video class!


Feel free to comment below!

Remya P R