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Top Online Tools to Create Online Course Content [2019]

Sell Courses Online

Top Online Tools to Create Online Course Content [2019]

Creating and selling your Online Courses have always been so profitable and brand making. But the major difficulty that any course maker face is;


How to digitalize your content so that it can reach your students effectively?! (Obviously a question that you and I have been thinking of while creating an Online Course!)


Here are top Online tools that help you create effective Online Content thereby an awesome Online Course.


  1. Prezi


Sell Courses Online Prezi


Prezi has always been a top hero in content creation.


Prezi is a software/tool for creating attractive presentations. It helps you to create more engaging and effective presentations when compared to PowerPoint presentations. It lets you make presentations on your subject content as you want them to be and allows you to organize and embellish it with both audio and video effects.



I strongly recommend Prezi for creating wonderful and effective presentations within minutes and in a simple & flexible way.



  1. Animoto


Sell Courses Online Animoto



Videos are ever trending and people including you and I, always search for information which can demonstrate us what we are looking for. Students get more engaged when you give them knowledge in forms of videos. And this trick plays effectively for years!



Animoto is a perfect digital tool for educational purposes. It helps you create animated videos, slideshows, merged videos, add text & images and many more. The result is, you can come up with truly engaging videos that attract more students and keep them engaged.



  1. EZVID


Sell Courses Online ezvid



Text content do have priorities in teaching and learning but videos capture the hearts of majority of students as it engages them and takes less time to make them understand even the difficult parts of your subject



EZVID is recording tool with awesome features and functionalities.

It records high-resolution videos from any input source such as games and software applications, VoIP Programs, your personal computer’s webcam and many more. In addition it offers video editing tools, video speed control and so on. It also offers variety of numerous tools that other video recording tools do not.



The most exciting part of EZVID is that, you can create artificial audio track (narration or dialogue) for your videos if you are not comfortable with your voice.



  1. Canva


Sell Courses Online Canva


The most popular and best among the document editing tool is Canva. It is commonly called as “document editing tool” but it has several amazing features beyond that.



Canva helps you to crate documents, banners, posters, business cards, presentations, GIF’s and many more within minutes. It has attractive and handy templates that makes our work easier and faster. It has drag and drop interface that even reduce our effort.



It helps you create stunning visual documents with logos, images and various contents that make your course content creation simple and attractive.



  1. Inkscape


Sell Courses Online Inkscape


Inkscape is the most demanding tool especially for  creating online courses in science and other subjects which definitely need a graphics representation of contents



Inkscape is a graphics editor tool and it allows you to combine vector artwork with text contents to develop more effective documentation for your online courses. It offers a great control over pen strokes, paths, shapes and so on.



  1. FormSwift PDF Editor


Sell Courses Online pdf



FormSwift PDF Editor is the most useful and demanding tool for content creation. It I basically a PDF Editor and focuses on creating & editing PDF documents.



It is simple & flexible as one can drag and drop an image, existing PDF or text document in to the editor screen. It does the job in a neat and modest way. Moreover the tool does not require installation or downloads as it is a web-based app. It also supports E sign.



  1. 123Apps


Sell Courses Online 123app



123Apps is an all in one tool to set up your audio and video courses. It offers almost all the needful tools for free to create your online course, no matter what subject is!



It Offers;

  • PDF Tools
  • Audio Cutter
  • Audio Converter
  • Audio Joiner
  • Video Converter
  • Video Cutter
  • Voice Recorder
  • Video Recorder



  1. Ofabee LMS Platform


Sell Courses Online Ofabee


Once you have all set with your course creation, the next big question is, Where to host your course contents so that you can make your courses reach numerous students. Creating content is only half the battle, if you want to get your products in front of audience, you need an effective course selling platform too.



Ofabee is an affordable LMS Platform that helps you sell your courses by giving you an absolute platform to launch your online courses. It is Simple & Flexible. It also offers FREE Trial.



Features of Ofabee:

  • FREE Trail opportunity
  • FREE Demo
  • Custom Branded Platform
  • Affordable
  • Your own branded Mobile App & Website
  • No Coding Required
  • Payment Gateways
  • Add numerous Courses
  • Add numerous faculties
  • Enroll numerous students
  • Content Mangement
  • SMS/Emails & Push Notifications
  • Conduct Online Mock Test
  • Generate student reports
  • Candidate Management
  • Discussion platforms
  • Live interactive classes
  • User Friendly UI
  • Virtual / Connected Classroom
  • Free App Maintenance and many more.



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From the above mentioned tools that helps you to create and sell your Online course, which tool you are going to use or which are the tools you are using now? OR are there any other tools you can share here that would help us create effective online course content…

Feel free to comment below!

Remya P R