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 Transform any book into an Online Course Now!

 Transform any book into an Online Course Now!

Do you have a great book with lots of quality content that really works for an Online Course??


If yes… You can transform that book into an online course!


Here is a small blog where I will be giving you some tips on How to Transform any Book into an Online Course!


Identifying the book that you can Transform into an Online Course




Ideally, you can transform any book into an Online Course if the content is sorted out well.


Still, you will be confused about how to identify a transform-friendly book!


  1. You can transform books that have clear section divisions
  2. You can transform books that have logical sections that begin and ends in one particular idea ( without continuing to the next section)
  3. Books having sections that are easy to convert via audio or video.


How to divide the sections



You can divide the sections of the book in the same order that is given in the content of a book. You can even skip a section without losing the logic of the subject matter.


In short, the order of the chapters directly translates to an outline for your course.



How to pick important topics to convert into an Online Course




Of course, books might have some topics that don’t serve a necessary purpose while converting into an Online Course. Skip such topics wisely in such a way that it doesn’t affect the rest of the subject.



How well you can convert the topic




Once you have a general outline for what key topics to include from your course, it’s time to get specific on what lessons you’ll include, and in what format you’ll present them in.  



Think on each section and decide on which format you have to convert the topic into an Online Medium. According to each section or topic, you can convert the idea of that section to an audio, video, doc. ppt or any other format.



For example, if it’s a story, then you can narrate the story and record in a video or audio format. If the section has to be explained in an instructional form you can do screencasting. If it’s a children’s story, you can create an animated video with or without the voice over to engage the students and a lot more.


Creating a video and presenting it in your own way conveys a way better idea than content written in a book.


Creating a course does not mean that you need to create more content.


With courses, more content does not mean better. In fact, the sooner you can get people to their desired result, the better!


Instead of worrying about having to create new content, simply ask, what is the result that people want in picking up a book? And, what can you provide in the way of focus, support, and clarity to help get people to get to that result faster through your course?


So to convert a book into an Online Course is simple.


Now it’s your turn! Transform any Book into an Online Course now!




Finding an apt Platform to Upload your Courses


Once you have finished sorted out and planned your course sections and how you are going to convert it into Online Medium, you should definitely need a user-friendly LMS Platform.


With an all in one LMS Platform like Ofabee, you can upload the courses within minutes and enroll students from anywhere in the world to receive your content.


Ofabee LMS Platform


Sell Courses Online Ofabee


Once you have all set with your course creation, the next big question is, Where to host your course contents so that you can make your courses reach numerous students. Creating content is only half the battle, if you want to get your products in front of the audience, you need an effective course selling platform too.



Ofabee is an affordable LMS Platform that helps you sell your courses by giving you an absolute platform to launch your online courses. It is Simple & Flexible. It also offers FREE Trial.



Features of Ofabee:

  • FREE Trail opportunity
  • FREE Demo
  • Custom Branded Platform
  • Affordable
  • Your own branded Mobile App & Website
  • No Coding Required
  • Payment Gateways
  • Add numerous Courses
  • Add numerous faculties
  • Enroll numerous students
  • Content Mangement
  • SMS/Emails & Push Notifications
  • Conduct Online Mock Test
  • Generate student reports
  • Candidate Management
  • Discussion platforms
  • Live interactive classes
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Virtual / Connected Classroom
  • Free App Maintenance and many more.



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