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Types of Contents that Make your Online Course Stand Apart!

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Types of Contents that Make your Online Course Stand Apart!

Attractive Content is a fuel to get your Online Course a global status. Uninspiring content is a barrier to make students enrol in to course. As a tutor, it is your responsibility to engage your students will interesting and informative contents.

To make them focus in to the contents of your topic, the way it is presented does matters. That’s why it’s important to have several types of contents in your course module to offer engaging and effective learning opportunities.

What needs to be cured?

Here are some issues that are to be cured in an Online Course scenario.

  • Learners face trouble in comprehending the material.
  • Learners lack interest as your method of course implementation is not engaging.
  • Learners are not able to rely too much on text materials
  • Learners enrol in to courses offered by other Course Platforms which have a variety of contents and so on.

This can be solved by making effective and varied types of content presentations.

Some of the types of content that you may include to make your course attractive are:

  • Videos

Videos always give your students a visual treat. It’s always advisable to break up the text of your content in to an engaging video. You should also keep in mind that. The videos shouldn’t be too long. If it has long duration, the students will lack interest and patience. You can make your video content funny, interesting and easy to flow. This will keep your students focussed in to your topic.

  • Charts and graphical representations

Instead conveying the contents only through texts, try conveying idea of the contents through charts and graphs. This would attract more audience to your course and increase your students’ interest. Students can easily pick up what is the whole content about by just observing the graph or chart. This will save their time a lot.

  • Slide Presentations

More than it engages students, Slide Presentations are easy to create. You can easily add text, images, videos, animations, and graphs to a slide presentation to make your material more presentable. Just make it a point that, do not add too much text per slide, this may bore your students.

  • Screen shots

Screen shots are the best way of teaching and demonstrating software or product training. Screen Captures or Screen shots help them illustrate step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting procedures and side-by-side comparisons.

  • Animated GIFs

Consider adding relevant GIFs that includes the content demonstration of your course. You can also attract your students by including humour element to your content.

  • Games

It’s nice to make your students feel like they’re having fun rather than just learning. This increases interest in the students’ attention to learn the topic. As a tutor, you can use gamification to create a more interesting learning environment with different game modules, achievement badges and a leader board where learners can track their progress.

LMS platforms like Ofabee will let you build and upload varied types of contents directly in the platform and customise the experience.

Remya P R