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Why You Need a Learning Management System?

Why You Need a Learning Management System?

We are very familiar with the concept of e-learning, and a Learning Management System is just a software that helps companies organize their courses and more efficiently train their employees.

Even though the concept is simple, an LMS provides great flexibility and power to companies that want to develop their employees. This will not only equip the company to be competitive in the long run, it will also give employees a sense of satisfaction when they get professional development, which, in turn, will increase productivity and set them up for success.

But is an LMS really the way to go?

Yes, it is. The biggest reason being that companies of any size, large or small, can benefit from a good LMS.

Let us walk through the advantages of choosing an LMS over traditional classroom learning.

An LMS saves times

In traditional classroom learning, lessons are scheduled at fixed times and locations. While this can work sometimes, it will more often than not become intrusive to our workflow. Fixed time lessons will take us away from busy schedules and thus delay work.

With an LMS in place, lessons are available to us on demand as all material will be prerecorded and kept in a database. Therefore we can take part in lessons whenever our schedules give us time.

An LMS reduces cost

To have traditional classroom lessons, we will need to repurpose office space or rent a location to serve as a classroom. We will also have to transport employees to and from this location each time a lesson takes place.

We can avoid all of this extra expense when employees can partake in lessons whenever and wherever they please, so long as they have the tools and access to the relevant lessons through the LMS.

An LMS lowers management hassle

Organizing, managing, and monitoring a handful of employees through their education maybe doable, but as the numbers increase, this task quickly becomes a logistical nightmare. When we have large companies or even medium-sized companies who need to train upwards of 100 or 500 employees simultaneously, managing them will become an incredibly time consuming and stressful task.

Thankfully, most of our burden of organizing and managing learners is taken care of by an LMS. An LMS can automatically track attendance, automate tests, and track performance of all employees who are taking part. Courses taken by employees from different teams or departments can all be centrally managed through an LMS.

An LMS enables mobile learning

Traditional lessons restrict employees to learning from only the locations where the class is situated.

However, with an LMS, employees can learn from any location they choose. An LMS can run desktops, tablets, and smartphones. So they can simply log in from their device of choice and therefore can learn from home, during a commute, a business trip, or whenever they get time.

But e-learning does bring with it a new set of issues.

Self-motivation and discipline is required

In traditional learning, an instructor will be present to actively teach employees, and an employer will ensure that each employee is attending.

But with such freedom given by e-learning and an LMS, we will need employees to be self-driven and disciplined to learn by themselves. This means that some might finish their course quickly while others might take more time.

There is a slight lack of help or training support

In traditional learning, all our doubts and queries can immediately be addressed by the instructor, and tailor-made assistance can be given to employees who are struggling.

But in an e-learning environment, most lessons are prerecorded. Therefore, there is less chance that all our doubts can be immediately cleared.

Less dynamic teaching methods

When an instructor teaches, they can see their student’s reactions and difficulties first-hand. This allows them to dynamically adjust the course to get better results. This cannot be done with pre-recorded lessons.

How can Ofabee help?

Now that I have told you the ups and downs, let us see how you can benefit from our LMS.

With Ofabee, you can create and sell your own online courses through a custom branded platform.

You can build your own branded mobile app and website

With Ofabee, you can easily create and sell courses online on your own branded website. This allows publishing and delivery of your courses through websites and mobile phones for maximum flexibility.

You get access to a course content builder

Design the curriculum of your course with varied categories.

Upload as many Audios/Videos/image/text/and PDF files as you want. Easily import content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive and from different sources that you prefer.

Assessment methods such as multiple choice, descriptive type, and other modes of testing are available for your course.

You can publish, activate or deactivate, or edit courses as needed.

You receive detailed reports and analytics

You can check enrolment reports for all your courses as well as view the sales performance of your courses.

View your students’ information such as name, e-mail, and phone number, and export this information to excel.

Receive feedback and generate automatic analytics for course completion, test results, and attendance, of your students

It lets you stay connected

Send SMS, e-mail, and push notification to keep your students informed.

You can sell courses and receive payments online

International, as well as domestic payment gateways, are available so that your students can pay with their preferred gateway.

You can conduct live virtual classrooms

You can write and draw on your screen just like a real whiteboard to teach your students.

You can have live chats and send files as attachments, conduct face-to-face discussions with your students, and conduct live classes and broadcast to a single or multiple classes with your laptop.

You can provide certification

You can create your own template and contents for the certificates, set preferred rules, and course completion strategy.

Now that you know everything you need to know, what are you waiting for? Create and sell courses and start making revenue with Ofabee today.

Krishnan Subramoni