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Ofabee: A Boundless Solution to Wincentre

Sell Courses Online Ofabee

Ofabee: A Boundless Solution to Wincentre

Wincentre is a renowned competitive training institute in India which trains carrier aspirants around the world. Wincentre laid the foundation with a vision to fulfill the candidate’s needs to confront the toughest tide with much ease and better learning strategy.


Need for a Better Technology

Wincentre, being top training and coaching institute always strived to maintain consistent quality in their services but they faced several difficulties. The major challenges they faced are limited training facilities, the huge cost associated with infrastructure & training materials and difficulty to reach up to students of various places.


The Boundless Solution

Wincentre collaborated with Ofabee to overcome all the challenges. Built simplicity, Ofabee helped to create & deliver courses within an hour. It also easily integrated various types of contents such as videos, presentations, PDFs and more. The support from our customer success team also made us their dedicated LMS contributor.


We delivered seamless delivery of live sessions with quality and on-demand content delivery. Ofabee offered inbuilt live streaming and virtual classroom facilities which reduced the burden of integration with third-party solutions.


Ofabee delivered an exceptionally advanced, yet remarkably easy to use built-in e-commerce system. Ofabee enabled Wincentre to create engaging & interactive course contents which they can sell and generate revenue.

Exceptional results with Ofabee

After evaluating various vendors in the sector, Wincentre found Ofabee as the best solution for all the training needs. The outcomes of the decision were tremendous. Ofabee made it possible for Wincentre to reach the targeted students across various parts of the world especially in Middle-East.


Anytime Anywhere

Students can access the courses from the cloud from anywhere at any time. They can revisit the courses on their convenience and the administrator can track all activities happening on the platform.


An Affordable and Quality Platform

By allowing the access of learning platform via the Cloud, Wincentre enjoyed the advantage of SaaS model to overcome the limitation in infrastructure. Ofabee helped Wincentre to reduce training-related costs such as infrastructure and training materials.


Ofabee helped Wincentre to sell courses to targeted students across the globe and with our e-commerce facility which increased the revenue substantially.

Remya P R