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Write catchy Online Course titles: Examples & Formulas! Part 2

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Write catchy Online Course titles: Examples & Formulas! Part 2

Starting an Online Course is easy but the problem arises in the moment of framing apt titles for your course. It’s time to change the traditional trend of adding lengthy titles. Ofabee here gives you few examples & formulas that help you write catchy online course titles.

When 3 makes magic!

Since people don’t have much time to spend on your title. Give a three word idea of what the whole thing stands for. Simply choose 3 key elements of your course/product and combine them.

Formula: A, B, and C

Examples: Smarter, Faster, Better


 Tricky 2 Words!

Give two strongly connected or contracting arguments. This can make the trick. It will definitely attract your audience.

Formula: A and B

Examples: Pride and Prejudice


A Short Note!

Use some interesting adjectives to give a short note on the topic. You simply have to extract the essence of your course/product and include it in your title in an effective way.

Formula: The A of B

Examples: The Psychology of Success


Do & Get!

Simplify your content and give a note on the great benefit that comes with it.

Formula: [Do something] and [Benefit]

Examples: Think and Get Rich


Complete Guides

If your course’s/product’s route is to guide your students to earn some expertise on specific field, then formula is for you.

Formula: The/Your [Adjective] Guide to [Doing Something or Getting a Result]

Examples: The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing


From here to there!

Though it seems like “Do This & Get That”, it is not as same as that. Here, you can use it to underline the transformation that students/ learners will go through or the journey they will go on if they enrol to your course/product.

Formula: [Starting point] to [Benefit]

Examples: From Failure to Success


Something Made Easy!

Anything made easy and simple has an attraction all on its own. People are attracted more towards something that teaches what you need in 5-6 steps.

Formula: [Result/Goal] in [amount of time/steps]

Examples: Boost Productivity in 5 Simple Steps


Use these few formulae and find amazing traffic in to your course!


Remya P R