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Write catchy Online Course titles: Tips & Ideas! Part 1

Write catchy Online Course titles: Tips & Ideas! Part 1

The title part is the most important aspect of an online course. A title can attract ‘clicks’ on the course. The most important part is that the course title has to catch the student’s attention.

Writing a good eLearning title is quite challenging. The title can make a big impact on your audience and ultimately your sales. The secret to success is engaging the audiences by creating an interesting title.

Here are few tips on how to write catchy titles for your Online Course

  • Use keywords and phrases

Type a few thoughts in a search engine and wait for it to suggest a few phrases. This will help you to easily initiate the title hunt.

  • Specify your audience

Make it clear for whom you are writing and who are the ones buying this course? Avoid making it lengthy. Specify the audience of your course. Your title changes according to the type of audience. Different writings are suitable for different groups. It might have a different choice of words, tone and style.

  • Focus on the key benefits

Try to share as much information to present the key benefits of your Course rather than telling the audience about it. Grab their attention & get them read the rest of your copy!

  • Keep it short and memorable

Make sure that the title is easy to remember. The good idea is to keep the most attractive & important part in the beginning. You should keep in mind about the students’ interest & what they are searching for. Thus the title must be suitable for that.

  • Make it accurate

Make the title more clear and this makes your title better. If you work with a community of varied learners, there are cases when you need to generalise. In that case, it is better to break your course into smaller pieces.

  • Make your audience a promise

The title should contain promise to your students. Present the title in such a way that it could create a thought in your students.

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  • Dee Moore

    Love this Part I and Part II